Thursday, April 24, 2014

In need of web security or front end development?

Hi! I'm Drew Edwards!
I do freelance web security (owasp standards) and front end web development in Lexington, Ky.
You may be wondering why, if I am a web developer, am I using blogger instead of making an awesome site to promote myself? The answer is simple: Google often puts blogspot in the top of the rankings on a google search (I do seo as well... but it seems EVERYONE does seo).

So lets get down to what I can do for you.
First and foremost, I do web security. You want your website to to be secure from hackers or other predatory beings. The first thing I do is a full evaluation of your website by owasp standards (xss, sql-injections, privilege escalation, etc) then check it for more simple but overlooked vulnerabilities such as exposed internal directories, vulnerability to well crafted social engineering attacks, heartbleed, and other bad "stuff". Then I help fix anything I do find, plus help you with solutions for common problems such as protecting from ddos, setting up ssl, and more.

Protecting your company's security often means the following:

  • A firewall on your systems
  • SSL on all websites
  • Buffer overflow protection
  • pgp or other secure email system for internal email
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Potection from DDOS attacks

I have proven results through security bug bounties at:
Cisco Meraki
Mozilla Corp.
Barracuda Networks
The Gallery Project

As well as having my own research into the use of punycode/Unicode/special characters in defense against Denial-of-Service software and and Vulnerability Scanners:

And for those interested in web design and development services I code html, css, php, javascript (including jquery and json). As well as use and knowledge of linux (ubuntu and apache) and windows systems. See more on this at:
(this has an htpasswd file, so use username "login" and password "password" to see my resume)

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at drew[at]xn--5dbdcf0e[dot]tk